there's nO place like O's! wOO hOO!!

About Us

Our Family

Opened in August 2014 by Marc and Laura Owczarzak in a histOric building in Auburn built in 1908.  The building Once hOused pOpular gathering spOts; the Jolly Farmer and Auburn Sportsmens Club.  O's has continued that traditiOn as it has the warmest atmOsphere arOund and remains the tOp lOcal gathering place fOr family and friends.  hOnest gOOd fOOd is O's brand.  serving up thOusands Of made tO Order burgers, sandwiches, nachOs, steaks, and fresh lOcal Michigan lake perch dinners.  Our ingredients consist Of premium Black Angus steaks, cOrned beef, and pastrami.  We prOudly grind Our burger daily in hOuse.   Our beer is pOured thrOugh a state Of the art mixed beer gas all stainless system.  We Offer an ever changing craft beer selectiOn with many hard tO find selectiOns.  O's has been vOted #1 fOr the best steak in the Tri Cities by WNEM tv5 viewers and a finalist fOr mlive tOp 10 steak in the entire state Of Michigan.  O's alsO specializes in the best lOcal live music On Friday and Saturday nights.  tOday, the O's brand is held in high regard and is a sOurce Of gOOd fOOd, gOOd friends, gOOd beer, and great service fOr thOusands each year!